Crafting an ideal essay on English

Crafting an ideal essay on English

I’ll tell you exactly how to craft an essay on English easily. An essay is a combination of three main parts: introduction, the body and conclusion. An introduction is short and it presents the topic we will be dealing with in the essay to the reader. The body of an essay covers all the information that supports our thesis and views. The conclusion is the total summarization of an essay. Here are some tips to write an ideal English essay:

  1. – Make a well-researched topic

Before you start writing you should know what you are going to write about. You can search the Internet or the local library for your topic. You can ask the library manager to help you find the best free ones to help you with your research. Many teachers do not like that you use Wikipedia as a source of information, find out if your teacher accepts it or not before starting your writing. Find out what kind of bibliographies your teacher is looking for that you use for your essay.

How to evaluate the source of information:

  • Author or creator: What are the author’s credentials (type of education, written books, experience) in this area? Have you seen the author cited in other sources? Respectable authors are frequently cited by other scholars.
  • Year of publication: Is the source of information up to date? Medical or scientific topics should have a current source of information. The subjects of the humanities occupy that they were written many years ago.
  • Edition: Is it the first edition? If the source carries several issues it is that it required updates.
  • Who published the source?
  1. – Search and analyze other essays of your subject

Search for essays of your topic that you are going to write. One of the most effective ways to develop your writing skills is to analyze someone Else’s writing. Seeing many styles of writing, and different ways of approaching a topic is a lot of help.

In the age of the Internet, it is very easy to find essays to review on any subject. Consider the following examples:

  • Professional examples. An excellent place to start is by essays written by professionals. You will see how a professional builds and creates the essay, apart from that the professional’s argument will be of great help in writing your essay.
  • Examples of the Internet – The world of the Internet offer a world of information – and this includes tens of thousands of essays. There are many internet essays on your topic that can help you.
  • Blogs – Search blogs from respectable authors who can give you ideas for writing your essay.
  1. – Brainstorm to start with your writing

Here your goal is to put your thoughts on paper without worrying about being organized, whether they make sense or that could fit your thoughts with each other.

  1. – Choose the argument or proposal of your essay

This will tell the reader that it is your essay and what point the author will be doing. You know what your essay is going to say. Choose the main idea of your essay.

  1. – Make a plan of your essay

The next step is to order your ideas. Write a main idea, and below write at least 3 arguments that support your main idea.

  1. – Write the body of your essay

Here write your arguments and your ideas in detail. Take into account the number of words or paragraph as the minimum and maximum limit that your teacher asked you.

  1. – Write the title of your essay and an introduction

  2. – Make the conclusion of your essay

  3. – Review your essay

It is almost impossible to be objective with your own essay if you review it immediately. You can choose to wait a while or find someone to help you review it.

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